You did it the best way you could do
I’ll be there by your side to guide you
in sorrow in laughter you’ll see me
lean on me this life’s meant to be free

You gave it all, you gave it all you got
you never learn, although you learned a lot
maybe they’ll see, what’s your true self one day
maybe they won’t, they judge you anyway

And all the roads you walk on, walk on next to me
they’re leading ever onwards, gates I cannot see
and ‘though the path is winding, we will find our way
through all these doubts and darkness into a new day

The questions you’re asking are so tough
the answers they gave you weren’t enough
come with me we will find a new truth
stop wasting all your dreams and your youth

You gave it all…

And when you look around you see you’re not alone
the fights you’ve chosen just don’t take them on your own
hold on to what you believe in, grab my hand so tight
see another day is dawning, it’s the end of night