POPHOOKERS – No Workingclass Hero

No working class hero

I ain’t no working class hero
and your delusionist talk
to me ain’t nothing but trouble
this ain’t the way that I walk

I ain’t no working class hero
and I won’t swallow your shit
‘though I really, really, really
I really liked some of it

And there’s no deeper meaning, there’s only looks, not free will
by all your powers and scheeming, you keep the folks still
you are addicted to money, a guinea pig on cocain
‘though you keep our days sunny, it’ll drive us insane

I ain’t no working class hero…

All your white teeth are shining, and your elaborate smile
it is perfectly hiding, that you’re all creepy and vile

The radio’s signal is burnin’, it’s burnin, into the ground
and still, this planet is turning, and turning, turning around
the television’s signal is fading, it’s fading, into the black
and I, I will never remember, remembering coming back

I aint’t no working class hero…

You are feeling fantastic, you only care for yourself
beneath your skin made of plastic, there’s no room for someone else
I see you on every channel, the media is your friend
but of your stories and phrases, nothing stays in the end